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Welcome Aboard! 

We are excited to officially welcome you to the Noisy Poet family! 

Project Description:

Please provide the overall theme and message behind your project in 2-3 sentences. 

New Project Cover:

Cover 1000 x 1000(at least 300 ppi) for your unreleased project 

Upload Cover

New Project OnBoarding

New Music download Link:

New, unreleased music you would like us to release. 

Social Media Links:

Send the following social media links you are currently active on

Press Images:

Professional images (at least 300 ppi) that you believe best represent you, your sound, and your image. 

image 1
image 2
image 3


Upload a .pdf or .doc copy of your artist bio.

Upload Bio
Submit Content

Below please tell us about your new project, and upload the associated content, if available. If you don't have this stuff yet, Its ok we can add it later.

Your content has been submitted

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