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"Surprisingly diverse and hard hitting; intriguing experimental alternative rock"

"Haunting, yet danceable"

“There are lots of different bands making the same types of music out there – Shy Shape isn’t copying anyone.”

"This band electrifies the basement show scene”


"A gem amongst the music scene...Gloomy, well-crafted lyrics"


     Shy Shape is Mike Dugan, Hank Rosenblum, Andres Mendieta, and Christian Borichewski. The experimental, indie-rock band is based out of New Brunswick, New Jersey. The band draws on influences from the notorious New Brunswick Underground, together with a 50’s and 60’s vibe; the resulting sound is self-diagnosed by the band as “doom-wop.” The eclectic combination stems from split life of lead vocalist and pianist, Mike Dugan. His childhood was spent listening to the warped records in his grandmother’s cellar in Fishtown, Philadelphia. In his teens, his life shifted between periods of both homelessness and intense academics, he sought refuge in the local music scene and began to write short stories. He moved to New Brunswick and completed accelerated degrees in English Literature and Mathematics and simultaneously immersed himself in the DIY scene. He wrote the first Shy Shape songs on out-of-tune pianos in dormitory lobbies, and on his own trash-picked upright which he hand tuned with a wrench and hammer.
    During this time, Hank Rosenblum was studying at Rutgers and playing in a variety hardcore bands in the crowded basements of New Brunswick. Rosenblum’s fiery garage guitar playing led him from New Brunswick to to the Lower East side on a search for a stable group and unique sound.  Rosenblum heard an early demo of the songs Dugan was writing, and became determined to assemble a band. He recruited fellow local New Brunswick players Andres Mendieta and Christian Borichewski. The group embarked on strings of 13-hour overnight rehearsals in vacant basements and lecture halls, often packing their gear as students filed in for their morning classes.

    After recording their debut EP, Out At Night in laundry rooms and lecture halls, the band signed with a local startup, Noisy Poet Records, and immediately began work on an LP to be released in 2017.


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