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Noisy Poet Records to release New Single “Ominous” by Annamarie Rosanio of Berklee College of Music

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

New York, NY -- 01/21/2020 -- New York City native Annamarie Rosanio, a double major in Music Production Engineering and Music Therapy at Berklee College of Music has signed a deal with innovative indie label Noisy Poet Records. Influenced early on by the likes of the late Amy Winehouse and later by alternative singer-songwriters such as Bon Iver and Ed Sheeran, Annamarie blends those influences to introduce a soulful inspired, folky pop sound that’s all her own.

Annamarie has nearly 1 million YouTube views as a featured artist on various projects, including "Show Me," with Raider, an upstart music producer who has done remixes for The Chainsmokers, Two Friends, and others.

“Being part of NP gives me opportunities to work with incredible artists and even better people who have a vision that goes beyond that of traditional labels," says Annamarie.

Noisy Poet is the music arm of parent company SEVENHORNS, a multi-faceted media company with branches in publishing, TV/film, tech, and more.

According to SEVENHORNS founder and CEO, Christopher Grant Sr., the mission of Noisy Poet Records is not to reach the pinnacle of today's music landscape, but to transform it. The label ear picks talent with a message and diverges from traditional label/artist relationships by partnering 50/50.

“I believe a power shift is at hand,” Grant says. “Labels and artists are becoming equals in this new digital economy. We offer a sort of partnership. We connect with our artists, and we’re in it together, sharing profit and loss. This kind of relationship creates a synergy and likemindedness historically unseen in this industry.”

Annamarie's debut single, titled “Ominous,” features Lokel and is set to drop on Friday January 24, 2020 ( The label has high regard for the song, calling it “an instant pop hit.”

To establish itself as a trend-setter, Noisy Poet plans to release projects worldwide by Annamarie Rosanio and other artists through Sony Orchard. The Noisy Poet roster features talent that fits its model and is poised to transform music’s pinnacle. Stay tuned.

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